Welcome to My Cutie Pie

My Cutie Pie is a blog written by Pauline and Doris, two friends that met in 2012 through their husbands and became quickly very close friends.

We were already talking for a long time about starting a blog to share all our thoughts, experiences and things we love with other mums and those who are planning to become so. When we both became pregnant and a mum so many questions and topics were coming up so our thought was, why not starting now and so it was clear that this was the right time to get started. So here we are.

My Cutie Pie is about being pregnant, becoming a mum, being a mum and in addition all the other joys of life like food, fashion, traveling and lifestyle.

The Name

Some of you might think: Why ‘My Cutie Pie’? Every time that Pauline saw a picture from baby C her reaction was: ‘Oh my, what a cutie pie’. Since then this nickname has a special meaning to us and so we decided to use it as the name of our blog.

If you have any suggestions don’t hesitate to contact us. We hope you like our site and we look forward to seeing you here!

Who We Are
Doris (on the right)

I was born in Landshut which is a town about one hour from Munich in Germany.

In 2007 I met Jochen and it really was love at first sight, I never thought that something like that can happen. After 4 years of relationship we got engaged and one year later our marriage took place in his home country Belgium where we had a perfect and sunny day. 2,5 years further our lovely daughter C was born.

Other than that I love the sun, warm weather and spending time with my little family. I definitely have a weakness for biker boots, leather jackets and my hobby baking cakes.

Pauline (on the left)

I live since three years in Munich, although my roots are in the small but cosy Belgium. And to be honest I am 100% Belgian. I love chocolate and fries! Originally I’m from Antwerp were I grew up and spent my life as a teenager.

I met the love of my life while we were students and after a period of long distance relationship, we got married in 2013. In the meantime he got a job in the Bavarian Capital and I followed him. We are expecting our first child later this year!

Apart from these small life facts I have an embarrassing weakness for good food, nice flowers, cooking books, wine, fashion and my cat.

Stay tuned,  our next post coming soon…


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