The hospital bag

What’s in my hospital bag?

Since my due date is coming closer, it’s time to prepare my hospital bag. I’m pretty excited but quite nervous on the other hand. I have been waiting for this moment so long, at least 8 months and than at once it’s there! Another step direction birth!

After doing research on the Internet and asking friends with baby’s, I found out what the inside of my hospital bag should look like.

A dressing gown, underwear, a cardigan, warm socks and flip flops

A comfortable loose outfit for me to go home with
It seems to be a fairytale that your old clothes already fit.

Nursing pads, nursing bras, pajamas who are suitable for breastfeeding (I’m talking about buttons.)

A coming home outfit, burp cloths, a blanket, a car seat, diaper


I know myself.

Toiletries, shampoo and body lotion, a towel, a hairdryer, a ponytail holder
Having my own products with me, makes the time in the hospital more comfortable


Insurance documents, ID

Snack, iPod, something to read
Apparently waiting is also involved in labor.

Camera, cell phone and charger


Nothing suits more the celebration of a new life.


The hubby has also a little space in my bag with a fresh outfit and toiletries in case the birth takes a while…


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