Old wives’ tales

We found out the gender of our baby quite late, it was almost week 30. The baby was always lying in the wrong position or he just didn’t want to show us. It was very funny to see that a lot of friends were curious about it and started guessing if it would become a she or a he. In those times I heard the most funny arguments on which people based their guessing.

Now that we know it will be a boy, I thought it’s time to test these old wives’ tales on their reliability.

IMG_6122 (1)

1.   Rumour has it that if you are craving for sweets, it will be a girl. If you are more in to salty and sour cravings, you are expecting a boy.

Girl —> Wrong

2.   This is the old wive tale you will not be able to avoid during pregnancy.                     Carrying in front means a boy. Expanding horizontally, it will be a girl.

Boy —> Correct

3.   When you are suffering from morning sickness the first 3 months, it is pointing out direction a girl. When you have no problems with your stomach those months, you are having a boy.

Girl —> Wrong

4.  The baby’s heart rate is apparently also a gender indicator. When the baby’s heart rate is above 140 beats per minute you are having a girl. A heart beat underneath 140 indicates you are having a boy.

Girl —> Wrong

5.   “Girls steel moms beauty away.” If you are having acne during pregnancy, it means a little girl is on her way. If you are more complaining about cold feet and dry hands, it’s a boy.

Girl —> Wrong

6.   Then there is the ring experiment. Take of your (wedding) ring and hang it on a wire.  Lay yourself down and dangle the ring above your belly. If the ring starts to move in circles, you are expecting a boy. If the ring on the other hand is moving back and forward, you are expecting a girl.

Boy —> Correct

7.   It will be a boy if especially your legs and belly are getting bigger. When it is your face and the bottom who are taking the extra kilos, it is going to be a girl!

Boy —> Correct

8.   When your hair is more shiny than ever and people are asking you which hair products you are using to get this amazing look, you are expecting a boy. When on the other hand your hair is getting more thin, it’s an indication you are having a girl.

Boy —> Correct

The conclusion for my pregnancy: it’s an equal result! Maybe also not that strange since the chance to have it right is 50 %. The only way to find out the gender is off course from your doctor. But it is a lot of fun to try these old wives’ tales out!


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