DIY card for Mother´s and Father´s day

DIY Karte 01 low res

Next week it is Mother´s and Father´s day in Germany and this year they are really close together in the calendar. I cannot believe that it is already the second time that I can experience that. The first time felt so special and I got pampered with flowers, a heart shaped cake and breakfast in bed.

If you are still looking for a DIY idea to tinker with your children here I have one for you:

A 3D ombré heart card.

What you need:

  • 1 blank card in off-white
  • 3 pieces of paper in different colors (for example 3 shades of red: bordaux, red, pink)
  • scissors
  • handicraft glue
  • pencil

DIY Karte 02 low res

Fold the 3 pieces paper in half, draw a half of a heart on the folded side and cut it out with your scissors. Glue the heart in the darkest color (here bordeaux) flat in the middle of the card front page. Afterwards you have to put glue on the folding line of the red one (middle color) and put it on to the darker one. Now take the pink (lightest color) heart and put it the same way on the other paper hearts so that it is fanning out and the 3D effect occurs.

DIY Karte 03 low res

You can use any colors you like and to receive this nice ombré effect. Big impact with little effort! As a little add-on, if you want you can take some simple black and white photos with one of those automats which you can usually find all around the cities and add them.

DIY Karte 05 low res

Happy Mother´s and Father´s day out there…



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