Lillenöt interview


Emelie, a good friend of us started a business one year ago. We totally like what she is doing so we were thinking it’s time for an introduction of Lillenöt (Swedish for “little nut”).

Lillenöt is specialised in handmade clothes in pastel colours, which makes these individual items even more adorable.

It all started as a mother-daughter project. You have to know that Emelie is from Sweden and moved to Munich four years ago. When you are so far away from home, you do miss family and friends. Emelie wanted to do something together with her mom to make up lost time and that’s how Lillenöt was born.

Sewing wasn’t always one of Emelie’s passions, although she comes from a big textile area in the neighbourhood of Gothenburg. Her grandmother for example was a professional seamstress and Emelie’s mom never bought clothes for her own kids, she made it all by herself! All of her friends have a job in textile industry but she decides to pursue a career in industrial design abroad. Over the years, when her patience grows and friends of her are getting babies, she finds her way back to sewing.

unnamed-15 copy

Lillenöt attaches great importance to reuse fabrics. Emelie and her mom are strolling over flee markets and stock sales, looking for old fabrics that they can treat and wash to tailor. In that way many “lost” textiles get a lovely second life.

It may look like they are focusing on clothes only. Actually Emelie says that if she is looking at Instagram, Pinterest or just walking in the city, it gives her so much inspiration to try out new things: children backpacks, pram accessoires, pennant banners… She is open for everything that is challenging and fun to do.

When we ask Emelie what her business goals are, she makes it very clear that it should be fun.With the money they earn they buy new fabrics, they follow handcraft courses or go away for a mother daughter weekend. It actually sounds like a dream to have such a fun project with your mom!

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You can order and contact Lillenöt:

P.S.: Emelie makes also things on demand. For example, she made some leggings for little C.


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