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Things that make my live easier: Stickerkid

We would like to start with a new series about things that make our lives as a mom easier. Let’s begin with something we found out quite early that is so practical: name labels.

Pauline: Since I’m pregnant and certainly since my due date is coming closer, I get a lot of baby clothes I may borrow from friends. Some of these clothes were labeled, others weren’t. In the beginning I was taking pictures of the clothes just to remember what I got from whom. Afterwards I used a textile marker, which was already easier than taking photos. But I realise this is no solution for the own clothes I bought and that will be passed to family and friends.

Doris: I never thought much about the fact that I would put C´s name on almost everything she has so that it doesn´t get lost. It started when I brought her to daycare. We got a list where it said that everything from clothes to water bottles needs to be tagged with her name. As I didn´t know where to get personalised iron-on labels I simply ordered them on Ebay. But to be honest they didn´t really look that good. But hey, they where cheap. For the bottle I used a plain white sticker and wrote her name on it. Unfortunately after three times washing the label came off.
Now that C has turned into a playground-and-sandpit-girl we constantly have to watch out that other children are not walking away with her toys.

Stickerkid 6 low res

And then we found Stickerkid! It’s a Swiss company specialised in stickers and name labels for children. They offer a lot: iron on labels, wall and door stickers, name stickers in all sizes and shapes…The best thing is that you can personalise them all. You can use pictures from your child for example.
We were so amazed that we thought to give it a go. We chose the “baby package with 94 personalised name stickers and labels” and decided to divide it between us.

Pauline went for the iron-on labels and Doris preferred the name stickers where you can choose between different colours for font and background. Having a girl, Doris fell in love with the purple letters on a pink tag.
In addition we chose the super cute round stickers where you can pick a logo out of many themes like animals, food, sport, nature, and so on. It was hard to decide but in the end we went for the cat on a light blue background and the name of our blog: My Cutie Pie.


Our opinion
The online ordering process was quick and easy. After only two days time we had an envelope in our mailbox.
We think the results are stunning. It turned out so well, the stickers look even better in real than on the computer.
The clothe labels are of high quality. They are made out of soft material which is ideal for children’s skin. And they have a clean and simple look which we totally like on clothes.
It’s easy to iron them on your clothes, and to remove the labels you just warm it up again using the iron.
Doris uses the name tags mostly for items that go with C to the daycare as they need to know which things belongs to whom.
She puts the round stickers on toys for the playground and things for private use. Simply because it’s easy to recognise the logo and she just needs to make sure that she knows what is theirs and what is not.

You can already guess that we are not exaggerating when we say that we are more than content about Stickerkid. The labels from Stickerkid are really good and they stick where they should.

What amazed us the most is that the stickers are not only very useful but are also looking great. You can choose a logo for the stickers so whatever your little ones’ favourite food or animal is, you can make sure your toddler finds everything back.

If you want to try it our yourself, we are happy we can offer a special discount of 10 % to our readers when using the code Doris+Pauline16 while purchasing any product on until the end of may.

Head over and have a look! For sure you will also be blown away!

Stickerkid 2 low res


This article was the result of a cooperation with Stickerkid


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