Stylish and affordable maternity clothes

Esprit collage 3

I still remember when I was hitting the magical pregnancy week 12 as it was the point where I bought my first pair of pregnancy trousers. Before I was too afraid of loosing my baby and actually my normal clothes still did fit quite well. But around 3 months of pregnancy I also realized that my bump was already visible and also my jeans got a bit tight around my hips.

Somehow I didn´t want to spend too much money at that time and helped myself with H&M clothes. Those pieces look pretty nice but I had the problem that even size S was mostly far too big on arms, legs and length and I am definitely no size zero. So I helped myself with a few pieces I bought there which ran smaller and some stuff that I got from friends.

When Pauline got pregnant obviously she had the same problems as me and she found some nice things in a shop in Belgium. But I thought there must be some other shops that do nice and affordable maternity clothes and in the end I found myself on the website of Esprit. I have to admit I was amazed what nice maternity pieces they have and all of them are available from size 34/XS on.

My personal favorites for summer time:

A pair of white and blue jeans are perfect for warm summer days and especially the wider Marlene cut of the blue pair is totally comfortable. As you will experience from a certain size of your belly on you are more than happy to have a comfy outfit. The tunic with the nice red-blue Arabic pattern goes perfectly with both of it and so does the Cardigan. The cardigan is multi tasking anyway as you can still wear it in breastfeeding times or even afterwards.

My absolute highlight is the long dark blue skirt – well I kind of wish my belly back right now. And if you are wearing some leggings underneath (nobody will see that) you can wear it even on more chilly days. The white basic shirt goes perfectly with all of those outfits and so does the jeans blue shirt with lace details. Basics are great for any style and if you add some accessories they look dressed up or down straight away. The skirt has a great length and goes also perfectly with the 2 tops shown here.

If you have those key pieces you can totally mix and match as you wish and without spending too much money you have some really nice styles. Some of those pieces are available in more colors but I picked my favorites here. For links to the articles click on the photo or head over to the website here.

What are your favorite pregnancy pieces and brands?

-photo credits Esprit-


8 thoughts on “Stylish and affordable maternity clothes

  1. I love my things from bellybutton. They were expensive but got me through both pregnancies and even now I still wear the shirts, blouses and dresses (also in business context) because they are cut perfectly and do not look like maternity clothes. 😉

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  2. I feel like when I was pregnant I tried to wear a lot of statement necklaces to take the attention away from my midsection 🙂 it seems like graphic tees and statement necklaces are really in. Your picks are so cute as well!

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