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Catch of the month-July

It’s July! To me this stands for summer holidays and sales! And oh, what do I love this combination.
Living in Germany brings along at least six cold and dark months. This makes the warm “ice-cream-weather” from last weeks more than welcome.
But let’s not talk about the weather, let’s talk about the other thing I like a lot: sales!

Nothing can give me more satisfaction then finding stuff for reduced prices. The idea that you can buy more with let’s say 100 euro, totally makes my day. Unluckily I can’t go crazy for me this year since I just gave birth and the body-shape isn’t back to normal yet. So I’ve found a new target: my one month old baby boy.

One of my favorite stores to shop is, how cliche it may sound, Zara. I know that half of the world buys their clothes there which makes your outfit not really unique. But they just have amazing affordable collections for women, men and children. So when I saw they were having sales I felt like a kid in a candy store.
My best catch is this white and blue stripped short trouser. It makes such a nice summer outfit in combination with this pear t-shirt!

Also this shirt with cars looks cute and cool the same time. The wooden buttons with different colored wires are such a nice detail. I bought it one size bigger so little O can wear it in the fall.


Another brand I especially like for children is Petit Bateau. There I purchased this nice sweatshirt. It has the classic marine style which looks so sweet on little boys.



A good friend of mine gave birth to a lovely baby girl already a few months ago. We are living quite far from each other so we don’t see each other that often. But this summer we will meet again and I’ll finally have the occasion to give her a birth present.
Seeing these adorable slippers at Zara Home made me look for them in my own size! Unfortunately they only come for little girls until the age of five.
They are probably a few sizes too big at the moment, but they will fit in a few months when it’s cold and dark outside. Nothing is more cosy then wearing such slippers right before bedtime.


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