What makes me happy…

Some time ago Sarah from undeinepriseliebe nominated us with the questions what makes us happy. First I wanted to reply quickly but then I was really wondering: What does make me really happy? Of course I am grateful that we earn well, that we are able to have our own apartment and that we can go on holiday on a regular base but what are the things in life that money can´t give you. So here is my list of 10 things that really make me happy:

happy 3 low res

C´s smile is one things that makes my day for sure. She has a loud laugh and it is really coming from her heart. If she is giggling I cannot stop laughing with her.

For sure summer is my favorite season and as soon as it is getting warmer and the sun is shining my mood is loads better on the spot. I just love being outside, wearing summer dresses and enjoy the sunshine and if there is a beach on top you cannot make me happier.

I know that coffee is kind of a mom´s cliche but I have to admit: Nothing beats a good latte macchiato especially while C´s nap time. That is how I relax and get some energy.

Seeing the happiness in C´s face when daddy is coming home from work is worth millions. I am so amazed how C really is a daddy´s girl and love watching them act together.

I really do love DIY, especially sewing and baking. I did it a lot before C was born but obviously time to do it got less. Now that C is older and is going to bed on a regular base I love getting my sewing machine out and do things like skirts, head bands or a Dirndl for her. I do love baking cookies, cupcakes, cake pops and motive cakes. Have a sneak here and here.

If I have time for myself then I enjoy a good pedicure and being ready for sunny days out in my sandals. I don´t even have to go to a specialist, I simply love doing it by myself and enjoy the me-time that I have rarely enough.

Chocolate is my real weakness and I cannot be without. If work is getting stressful or C has a moody day a little bit of chocolate, ice cream or anything sweet makes my nerves calm down and I am ready for more.

Getting a cuddle from C is one thing that I really enjoy. She never was a baby that wanted or gave big cuddles but now with age she is giving it more and more. So I do love those rare moments when she wraps her arms around me and lays her head against my shoulder.

O.K., I admit I do really like a nice glass of white wine. Nothing beats to finish a great day off with nipping on a glass of cold and fresh wine while sitting together with my hubby on the balcony and having dinner.

Last but not least family time is also a thing that makes me happy. My husband, Jochen, has to work a lot and is gone to China for business on a regular base. But Sunday is our day where we mostly have breakfast in bed together the three of us and I always look so much forward to that.

I am really curious what does make you happy Inka from  inkaverliebt and Aileen from in my life?


9 thoughts on “What makes me happy…

  1. I say YES to all of these. It’s so important to realize the non-monetary happenings in life that create joy, so when there is a tightness in funds you still appreciate all that you have. Thanks for the post!


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