Blogger event #arsbloggt at the publisher ArsEdition

A week ago I had the chance to visit the blogger event at the publisher company ArsEdition. The topic was all about children´s books and so I was really curious what I will get to hear and see. When I arrived there we all had the chance to get to know the other participating bloggers where one of them even came down from Berlin for this afternoon. It was really nice to hear who is writing which blog and what were there reasons to do so. And surprisingly there was even one dad blogger what was really great.

After a little chat and get to know each other we had the chance to listen to Hermien Stellmacher, the author and illustrator of the children´s book series “Moritz Moppelpo”. The main character of these books is a cute hare called Moritz and he is helping children to understand certain topics better like why they don´t need a pacifier or diaper anymore or how to say no. It was really great to hear about how she is working on new things and how hard it can be if you have days with lack of ideas or you are in the end not really convinced about the result. As I am also working in a creative business I did totally understand her. As a goodie we even got a hand drawn sketch of the main figure Moritz from her.

On top we also had the possibility to hear from employees of ArsEdition how their working day looks like and how many steps it needs to create and finish a book. From the first idea, decisions in between and the final proofs before the samples go to the printer for the final print. Afterwards we had the chance to look through all the children´s books and audio books from ArsEdition and surprisingly we had already some of theirs at home without even realizing it. We even got the chance to sneak into the secret product lounge what is about to come. The after noon was rounded off with a small tour through the old historical building where the staff has their offices.

I have to say thanks to ArsEdition for this great afternoon and it was really great to hear how it all works until every single book ends up in our book shelf at home.


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