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Preview fall/winter collection `Nyani – kids fashion`

Events, events, events,… right now we are heading from one blogger event to the next one. But we don´t really want to complain as we love to join those events and meet other great mom bloggers and also get to know new brands for kids, moms and moms to be.

The event

This time we got an invitation from the Munich kids fashion brand “Nyani”. We got invited for a traditional Bavarian veal sausage- breakfast in order for the Oktoberfest starting in about 2 months time. The event was meant to be all about the new fall/winter collection of “Nyani kids” and “Wildfang Trachten”. Matching the theme the dress code was pretty in Bavarian and I had the first time the chance to wear my brand new Dirndl. But as it was supposed to be the hottest day of this summer up to now in Germany you can imagine that it was pretty hot in that dress.

When we arrived everything was decorated nicely in the typical Bavarian colors Blue- White and also food and drinks were provided: Pretzel and Champagne. They even had a station for kids with a chance to win a gift. The owner told us all about their clothes, how and where they are made. On top we had again the chance to meet some other great bloggers from in and around Munich and also some faces we got to know already before.

About Nyani

Nyani is a Munich kids brand for children at the age of 1 month up to 8 years. The materials that are getting used are either 100% wool, cashmere or cashmere-wool-mix. Their aim is to create favorite pieces that are pretty, happy and colorful. Don´t miss out to see their collection that includes simple every day wear, traditional costumes and high fashion clothes.  Loads of the toys are also related to the Bavarian roots like the pretzel or sausage dog. Even I realized that I have one of those rattle pretzels at home but they are simply to cute to  not have them.

Some of our shop favorites

Check out their online shop (also available in English) or go straight to their shop in Anglerstrasse 19 in Munich.

-photo credits Nyani, My Cutie Pie-


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