Blogger event movie premiere “Molly Monster”

I have to admit I hardly go to the cinema as we somehow are mostly to slow to catch the movie we wanted to see. The movies that I mostly remember to  have seen are admittedly children´s movies such as `Finding Nemo` or `Monsters ink`. I simply love the illustrations and the stories behind and yes, I even have to cry sometimes when the story becomes really sad.

When we got the invitation for the movie premiere of the children´s movie `Molly Monster – Sandman` I was more than curious how it will be and even more if C is already old enough to sit for 1 hour and really  watch it. The program sounded really great so we were really looking forward to attend especially as my hubby Jochen also managed to join us.

So we met up last Sunday at a new event location in Munich called Kutchiini and there was a huge brunch prepared for kids and parents. What I almost liked the most was the candy bar with cupcakes, candies and cake pops >YUMMY< and the tables were decorated with so many great details of the main figure that I have to show you all of those .

After a bit of talking to bloggers I already met before at other events I also managed to talk to some new faces. Crazy how many Munich bloggers are out there that I didn´t know about. C really was blown away with the special play and handicraft corners they created for the little ones. If there is one thing that doesn´t stop her then it is other children. It was so cute so see her interacting and Jochen joining and helping her with some drawings. And of course we didn´t miss out on a second sweet candy breakfast this morning.

At some point we even had the honor to meet the main actress herself: Molly Monster. After some selfies and photo sessions we finally were able to see the movie. We all took a seat at the comfy seating area made with Arne Quinze chairs and couches to watch the film. The movie is totally worth to visit and with a length of  1 hour it is perfect to watch with children. You can visit the film from September ´16 on in the German cinemas.

All in all it was really great fun and I wouldn´t have wanted to miss it. We say a great thank you to the whole crew of Molly monster which did a fantastic job…

-photo credits: My Cutie Pie, Jochen Paesen


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