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Going on holiday with a toddler

Summer time is travel and holiday time and of course fun time. But traveling with a baby or toddler can be not so much fun if you are not prepared well enough. When C was about 9 months old we flew on our first family trip to Marrakesh. That meant a lot of organization and packing beforehand. Later on we were in Portugal and Rome but I will write more about flying with a baby in another post. This time it is about traveling by car as we are going to a holiday house including a swimming pool that belongs to friends of ours. It is by the countryside in France, close to Nice.

We have been on long car journeys before to visit my parents in law in Belgium so we kind of know now how to pack, what to take and what we can buy locally. This time my dear hubby wants to take his golf bag along and we are invited to a wedding at the end of our vacation so it will be even tighter in the car. I still remember the first car journey, we took stuff along that we could have left the country – forever. In this case we can also wash our laundry in the holiday house so we can even reduce our luggage. We asked our friends before which things are already in the house to know how to pack. Other than a buggy and a nice dress and shoes for the wedding we pack the following:

We pack some finger food like vegetable and fruit (or dried fruit) for on the way in our pretty lunch boxes. If your child is a bit piggy regarding food it is wise to take some along that lasts for the first 2 days. That way you don´t have to look for shops straight away. Neither we mustn´t forget C´s drinking bottle and a long sleeve bib (otherwise we have to change her after every meal).

We only take a few toys with us where we know C likes to play with them and mostly to keep her busy in the car. Therefore it is good to take some books along. For the holiday destination we are adding a ball, Lego blocks and her four wheeled bike.

They depend on where you are going to of course. In our case a warm destination so we took a mix of everything from short to long sleeved, from sandals to sneakers, just to be prepared for warm days and cooler evenings. A cardigan is always a good idea instead of pullovers, means layer look is the keyword. For the rest: Arm floats, swimming trunks, swimming diapers, hairbrush and hair clips.

First-aid kit
Medicine that has to be taken on a regular base; insects spray and sun blocker; something against diarrhea and vomiting; cough syrup, nasal spray and fever/pain suppositories; disinfection spray and  plasters. Dependind on your destination you can buy some stuff also locally.

In our case for sure her pacifiers and favorite teddy.

Enough diapers and baby wipes for the travel and first 2 days until you are able to find a shop to get everything.

We always make sure to do enough stops where C is able to walk around and get out of the tight car seat. Don´t forget to plan them into your journey otherwise it takes you much longer to arrive than expected. If you have time look beforehand where there is a place that is worth to stop and maybe even stay over night as we do.

What are your essentials you don´t want to miss going on holiday by car?


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