My summer beauty products

Last week was hot hot hot. For those who were thinking a few weeks ago summer is over, it was a trap.
The heat, the sun… I just love it. Little O on the other hand doesn’t like it as much as I do. Luckily we had a pool close by to cool down.
Although I know we are already half way summer, I’m pretty sure there will still be some more beautiful days to come. That’s why I would like to share with you my beauty products I intensely use this summer.

Warm days often come together with a sweaty and sticky skin. On these days I’m showering easily twice a day. When you combine this with floating in a pool, I don’t have to tell you that people with a dry and delicate skin such as myself, need some extra skin attention. I got the Caudalie Rose de Vigne shower gel as a present from a friend of mine and I’m totally hooked! It leaves a freshness and a delicate odor of roses behind which makes it so delightful. This gel doesn’t contain any soap so it’s perfect for people with a sensitive skin.


If I have to describe my skin color, I would say see-through. I think that all my pigments went to my hair and eyes. Even after sunbathing for two weeks it wouldn’t make any difference. As a teenager it was a huge issue. Over the years I took peace with it and now I’m even proud about my white skin (think Snow White). Still it isn’t that sexy to walk around with white legs, so I’m a huge fan of self tanners. This year I’m using the one from Biotherm. The result is very natural looking, no stains and the gel isn’t sticky.


I have a weakness for nail polish and this summer I’m totally into pink. All shades of pink. At the moment I’m wearing Lovie Dovie from Essie.


Another product I’m using a lot this summer isn’t for me but for my baby boy. My parents always thought me that the sun can be dangerous. And I think babies have such a delicate skin that they should avoid the sun as much as possible. So besides from a sun hat and the use of an umbrella, everyday I put him sunscreen on. I use the one from La Roche Posay to be more specific. It’s without perfume and paraben-free. It has a soft texture and glides easily over the skin.


What are your beauty products this summer?


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