A pop of color in your child´s wardrobe with Babauba clothes

If you look around on Instagram and other social media channels you will realize very quickly that a lot of children´s nursery turn out to be black-white-grey. Those colors seem to be in fashion and even more if they have some graphical pattern included like chevron and crosses. Doesn´t matter if wall decoration, clothes or bedding everything includes those colors and if I am honest I do like those themes as well but somehow it turns out that one profile looks like the other.

When you have a look now into C´s wardrobe you will also find loads of grey and pink in there. O.K., grey is one of my favorite colors and pink simply because I love seeing girls in pink clothes and as long as the girls are still so small it looks so damn cute. But sometimes I think a pop of bright color in your life is never a bad thing. I love to add accents to a clean line like we did put a red comfy chair in our living room where else the rest is held in white and brown for example. It is the same with C´s nursery I held everything in grey and white and I love to add pink items right now for more color. Once she is a bit older I can replace the pink stuff with some other color theme like red, green or anything else.

The first thing I ordered is the super cute popsicle skirt as I love the pattern and the colors and pattern are different than C´s usual stuff but still more colorful. While ordering I saw here already wearing it with the light blue jeans blouse or cardigan C has in her cupboard lying. And if there is a more chilly summer day, yes that happens in Germany quite often, I can put her some dark blue stockings on. If you ask me I would only take one colorful piece with pattern per outfit and combine it with uni colored clothes. Otherwise it could become too bright. If you have a romper with bright pattern simply combine a cardigan with it and it is calmed down. Important is to stay within the color palette of the main piece so that it doesn´t get too wild for example blue or red with the skirt I chose.

The other thing I really liked, it is the idea of the diaper bag.  Normally when we are out somewhere I have a huge diaper bag with me that includes diapers, wipes, spare clothes and much more stuff. But when I just quickly go somewhere I mostly just throw 1 diaper and a small box with wipes in my handbag. Of course that doesn´t look very pretty and I still have to search my things together if I need them urgently. And the other day I was not in the mood to look for the things we picked daddy up from work without any diapers in my bag. And what should I say? C had a pooh in the diapers and as I couldn´t change her everything was soaked from body to top before we were even home. So this cut owl diaper bag is perfect size for handbags and it contains up to 3 diapers and small wipes box. Thanks to the hole in there you do not even have to take the wipe box out.

As I told you C´s clothes are also very settled color wise but also there I like her to wear something colored in between and therefor I found some really cute stuff in the web shop of Babauba. Babauba is an Austrian brand that sells colorful clothes and accessorizes in bright colors. You can find almost everything you need for your kid like rompers, shirts,  hats, skirts,… All the pieces are limited in amounts so you can be sure the chance to meet another kid wearing exactly the same is pretty low. From baby to toddler all of those sizes are available. Here is a small selection of their collection:

So maybe you are interested now to look around on and order your pop of color for your toddler´s wardrobe before things are sold out.

-photo credits: My Cutie Pie, Babauba


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