Catch of the month: September

In Munich the end of summer means the beginning of the Oktoberfest. Last Saturday this biggest “Bierfest” on earth got started and will continue until the first weekend of Oktober. Funny enough the weather also changed during the weekend from indian summer to grey and rainy. Let’s say it this way, fall is around the corner. The only good thing about saying goodbye to the summer is that you can put those cuddling warm clothes back on.

My baby boy is born in summer so for the first time I can shop for cozy autumn clothes. My two highlights for this season are a faux fur hooded one piece suit and a pair of moccasins.

This bear onesie has it all. It’s practicable and has thé cuteness factor. I use it as a coat and put little O with all his clothes in it. That’s why I bought it one size bigger. When O is wearing this one piece suit, the reactions of people on the street are just priceless.

Shoes for baby’s are somehow totally ridiculous. It is just for us moms who like to style up their children. I identify myself with these moms. For baby boys I think moccasins are the most adorable shoes (as are ballerinas for girls). These grey ones with silver stars are made out of supple leather and fit with every outfit.

What has been your catch for this month?


One thought on “Catch of the month: September

  1. Hallo Ihr Lieben,

    Die Sachen sind einfach nur zuckersüß 🙂 Das kann ich bei meinem Sohn nicht bringen, aber dafür toben wir uns grad bei Minions Print aus. Er ist zwei und steht total auf die süßen Tier und Minions Prints. Ich shoppe aktuell für den Winter für ihn. unser lettzer Kauf war ein Schneeanzug

    Alles Liebe,


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