The babyshower

Last weekend I was invited to a babyshower from one of my friends. She is expecting a boy for the beginning of november so she only has a few more weeks left until her due date. Baby showers are one of the good American traditions that came over to Europe. This shower was the second one I attended and it reminded me of my own baby shower half a year ago.

Three months before my due date, my friends were so kind to throw a surprise babyshower for me. Okay, I have to admit I already knew it one week in advance. You have to know that I like surprises but I also have that teensy-weensy part in me that likes to control everything. And since we were flying to my parents place I was so grateful my friends already told me before.
I wasn’t blogging at the time yet and now that I think about it, it’s a pity I don’t have a post about that day, not even as a memory.
That’s why I would like to write about the baby shower from last weekend.

My friend A. is from Latin America and for her it was an absolute must to have a baby shower. Her best friends in Munich organised it behind her back.
While we gathered at her friends place to set everything up, A. thought she was going for a Sunday brunch with her husband. Her reaction when she saw us was priceless! She immediately started crying and was so moved she got this organised without her knowing.

What followed was an afternoon with delicious food (think blue sparkled cupcakes) and fun games. We played charades and it was just hilarious guessing words like “kindergarten” and “pacifier”. In another game our friend had to guess some baby food ingredients and changing diapers as quick as possible while blindfolded. She totally succeeded the tests and could take the big diaper cake home with her.

What I liked the most was to see how happy my friend A. was with her shower and all of her friends gathering especially for her.
Me and little O. (he was loving all this female attention) also had a very funny afternoon! It was filled with A.’s friends who most of them I didn’t know before. But we got along so well!


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