Oktoberfest – Munich´s 5th season

End of September it is the time again where the 5th season is starting in Bavaria again – the Oktoberfest, also called the Wiesn. The Munich beer festival is most probably the best known beer fest in the world, even in LA they opened a Hofbräuhaus to be able to enjoy the German beer. In 2015 about 7.5 liters of beer being sold to 5.9 million visitors in 37 different tents (actually they are more like houses) within 10 days. All the Bavarians are proud to attend the Oktoberfest and dress up in their traditional clothes, Dirndl and Lederhosen, and the girls are wearing braided hair and their high heels. Even for foreigners it is kind of important to dress the same and be part of the fun. I got C at her first time at the Oktoberfest a Dirndl and this year I made one for her myself and I think it turned out pretty well.

If you want to have a space in one of the tents you have to apply for a reservation at least 6 months before and if you are lucky you can have some space for a slot of 3 hours. If you didn´t catch a table you can go and see if you are lucky but it is not so easy. If you want to join without too much stress I would recommend going before midday or with better weather. If there is rainy weather you better not go as the tents are quickly full and security staff makes sure that not too many people are inside and queuing will take quite awhile. It might still be busy but you are more likely to get a space at a table outside in one of the beer gardens.

But there is more than this massive busy side. There are so many carousels and roller coasters for adults and children and even different stands where you can win toys, a lot of fun for young and old. The most beautiful part of the beer festival is the traditional Wiesn. You have to pay for the entry there but that´s not much and it is totally worth it. It is by a long way not as crowded as the rest and as the name says already everything in this part is held traditionally: The tents, the carousels and all the other rest. You can even find a little museum in there where you can see how the showmen lived and the carousels looked like at that time when the Wiesn was a lot smaller. It is really worth having a look. Children will love the old carousels and the best is that the tickets are much cheaper than in the main beer festival. So they can go round and round and round. The best thing about the Oktoberfest is that we are living only 5 minutes by foot away and we can even smell the candy on our balcony.

For sure you shouldn´t miss out on getting a ginger bread heart, candy floss, motive balloons and glacéed fruits. In the evening when it is dark you have to enjoy the view over the terrain from the Ferris wheel, it is amazing!!! If you are thinking about giving it a a go and visit be sure to book flight and hotel quite some time before because they get quite expensive that time of the year. But for sure it is worth a visit.

-photo credits MyCutiePie, Jochen Paesen


8 thoughts on “Oktoberfest – Munich´s 5th season

  1. While I would’ve loved to go to the Munich Octoberfest just once, I was lucky enough to have lived in Stuttgart for close to 10 years and the Volksfest is probably just as fun! Great pictures of the little girl in her Dirndl. Well done!


  2. I have always wanted to attend Oktoberfest in Munich! We went to Munich a few years ago and i just fell in love with the area!
    Thankyou for all the insite, I will have to make sure I plan ahead and dress up.


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