What’s in my diaper bag

Although there are a lot of great utilitarian bags on the market, I realized quite soon that this wasn’t something for me. Instead I went for a classic tote I found at Hallhuber.

When you are pregnant one of the nice things to do is preparing everything for the big arrival of your baby. It is so much fun to decorate the nursery, buying these sweet tiny clothes, choosing the stroller… The only thing I thought would be fun but was quite a challenge in the end, was the diaper bag. Despite from diapers I had no idea what you should be carrying with you. After some googling, asking friends with baby’s and my anxiety of better being save than sorry, my diaper back was so stuffed that is was almost impossible to carry him around. As always experience is the best teacher and after four months I think I may say I became pretty good in picking and packing. Here is a little overview of what I’m taking with me when little O and me are going outside.

Diapers and wipes are part of the basic equipment. I have at least three diapers with me and the wipes are very practical to clean all kind of dirty body parts (hands, face…).

The changing pad is maybe my most valuable item in my bag. It’s so practical to create our own little changing station in no times. In restaurants they may have a changing table but I just like to use my own.

When I was looking for diapers at the supermarket I came across little scented bags to put soiled diapers in. It’s very practical since there isn’t everywhere a garbage can.

An extra outfit is something I have learned the hard way.

When our time outside is taking a bit longer than expected, some water and a snack can be very welcome.

Little O is not out of his burping phase yet so we are always carrying at least one burp cloth with us.

When they are not sleeping or eating baby’s need to be entertained, or at least mine does. So I’ m having most of the time two toys with me.

I’m still breastfeeding and therefore I have an extra pair of nursing pads with me.

Last but not least, some lipstick to give me that feel good feeling despite 5 hours of sleeping.


5 thoughts on “What’s in my diaper bag

  1. Hey Doris. I just bought a fabulous bag from H & M that I will be using for a diaper bag once my daughter arrives and my things. I would hate to carry more than one bag.

    I feel Emmalee on having extra nursing pads in my bag because I will be breast feeding. I usually wear layers (I live in New York) so I don’t think I need to pack extra clothing for myself.

    I will have changing clothes for the baby. I believe the bag you chose can fit a lot of the babies essentials. 🙂


    1. I also wanted to carry only one bag around (with a baby you are taking so many things with you already). And why not looking fabulous wth a newborn so hooray for the fancy bag! Just be sure you can strap the bag around the pram.
      The extra nursing pads are actually a very good idea!


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