Book review: “Paula & Pelle” written by Meike Haberstock

Earlier this year we had the honor to be able to attend a blogger even from “Ars Edition” which was a really great one. We got to hear so many great things about this publisher and everything around them and their writers. Of course we couldn´t resist when they offered a copy of their latest book (in German) “Paula and Pelle” and on top we even had the chance to get in contact with the writer Meike Haberstock and get a small interview.

This book is about a small girl Paula and her dog called Pelle. Pelle is the best friend of Paula and they do everything together. One day they are passing a poster on which it says that they are looking for the most amazing dog of the city and Paula decides to attend this competition with her pet and so the lovely story starts.

Our small exclusive interview with the author Meike Haberstock:

  • For how many years are you now writing books?

I am writing and illustrating children´s books since roundabout 2 years. My first book was published in January 2015, since then many more have been added. Before that I have been working for many years in advertising as a creative director for text & concept. My daily doing existed then already mostly of “thinking & writing” – but of course in a little bit of a different way.

  • What do you like the most about writing?
I simply love the fact of developing a little universe and getting lost in a story. Sit all day long at the work desk and think about nonsense… who else is able to do so? (At least officially…)
Sometimes I am even surprised myself how the actors develop preferences, small idiosyncrasies or ticks that I haven´t planned before. To think the story roughly through beforehand is necessary for sure- but there needs to stay enough white spaces that are getting filled whilst the writing process. That is what makes a lot of fun.
  • Which reason did you make writing and drawing?

Writing and drawing are a part of my life since my earliest childhood – I constantly scribbled over everything. Furniture, walls and pajamas included. At school during dictates I loved to draw the words that I didn´t know  in the text. That looked pretty fancy – but unfortunately it didn´t help me a bit with my marks.

  • Where did the idea to do this book come from?

Children and dogs basically are a perfect match. Their way of acting with each other and take care and trust each other and enjoying life – that is what in my opinion is simply adorable. Pelle actually has a few oddities which my first dog had as well. He was called Sam and was more a mix of a black sheep and a bathroom carpet but you always had the feeling “He starts talking right now!”. Other than that he also loved cookies like Pelle does.

  • What do you like the most about this book?

I like how both are acting together and stick together. Their friendship is steady and they take care of each other. Furthermore Paula and Pelle are both coming up with the best ideas – that is what I like. Both are having a good humor – and a lot of nice ideas so that I sometimes really had to laugh while I am writing in front of my computer.

  • Are you working on a new book right now and if so, what is is about (if you are allowed to tell)?

Paula & Pelle volume 3 is in the making right now. The main structure does exist and now it is all about the complete story. Both are getting locked up in a supermarket… and everybody who knows Paula & Pelle knows that for sure both won´t just sit by the window and wait to get rescued… Other than that I am also illustrating 2 books from other authors right now. That is also really great fun.

What I really like about this book are the colorful drawings as they are really lovely done. The text is in nice and not too small letters so that it also easy to read for children that are already capable of it. The story is not too long and there is a drawing on every single page so that the children do have something to see while listening. There is also a learning effect as the deeper meaning of the book is that not matter how perfect your friends or yourself are – you are always perfect enough. And even if you think some things will never work out, if don´t try you will never find out.

If Pelle wins the competition or not it is now on you to find out.

-photo credits My Cutie Pie, Daniel Gieseke-


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