DIY long sleeved bibs for babies and toddlers

Some time ago I was for brunch with some awesome moms and also very good friends of mine. While we were having our chats we were also talking about the long sleeve bib C was wearing while eating and how adorable it was. We know that a Swedish furniture brand sells some like these but they look horrible, if I may say so. So those inspiring friends came up with the idea of DIY bibs and what should I say? Here is the tutorial.


What you need

  • A long sleeved top from your kid
  • Sewing machine and pins
  • Enough fabric for the bib itself
  • Waterproof-coated cotton fabric for the linen inside at the front
  • 1 big push button
  • Elastic band for the sleeve ends

Lucky enough I still had some nice fabrics at home from earlier DIY projects. So I used the grey jersey and the mint colored coated cotton fabric. First I laid C´s top on some paper and made a sewing pattern with drawing around it with some extra space so that it sits a bit more loose. You need for the front one time the whole top with sleeves. For the back you need two times the sleeves with a bit of an extension in the middle where the push button will be so that you can close it and doesn´t come off your kid. Add to all of those pieces  about 1cm extra for hemming. For the waterproof linen you need once the front part but without sleeves as you only need it for the front bit where the kids get dirty and messy.

First of all steps you lay the waterproof piece on the inside of the front jersey part and sew them together. Afterwards you take the extra sleeves, fix them on the back of the arms of the front part and sew them together as well. Now you have to fold all the loose ends over and hem them so that the fabric still does look good after some using and washing. Last but not least I added the push button and voila your kid is perfectly prepared for eating time.

Of course you can vary size and color or even put the waterproof fabric inside the arm bits.


12 thoughts on “DIY long sleeved bibs for babies and toddlers

  1. This is such a great idea! Even with a bib, clothes still end up ruined because they’re not long enough our just slip all around.


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