Motherhood thoughts: 5 months


My baby is turning five months this week! It is such a cliché but it goes all so quick. It somehow feels like I gave birth only a few weeks ago. Everyone told me before I should enjoy and cherish every minute. And they are right. When I was pregnant I thought it went all too slow. I was so looking forward to hold my baby, to meet him, to care for him… Time couldn’t go any faster. Although I love to see him grow, I sometimes wish that I could stop the time to just enjoy him in this age a bit longer.

The moments I enjoy the most are when we go out for a walk. O is a very observant baby who likes to watch and stare. Last weekend I reconstructed the stroller by changing the bassinet for the seat so that he is more able to look around. And he loves it. Every time we go out, you just see that he enjoys it so much to look around and to discover the world.

The thing I love the most is that by every day we got more interaction with him. When you play peekaboo or tickle him he starts laughing so loud. Or if my husband is reading him a bedtime story, he is really paying attention and wants to hold the book. It’s so lovely to watch him grow and see how his skills are developing day by day. He is not that newborn baby anymore and that after only five months.

What bothers me the most is that O refuses to drink milk from a bottle. Two weeks ago my husband and I were invited to a wedding. We left little O with my parents so that we could enjoy a first night out without the baby. Although I pumped some milk and we practiced it before, O didn’t want to drink at all from the bottle (after three hours he surrendered). When we were back home I didn’t want to leave it this way because it meant I wasn’t capable of doing things on my own anymore. So every evening we are making a new attempt to let him drink from the bottle but so far without any luck.

The thing that surprised me the most is how much time you put and spend on a baby. Or it’s maybe just my baby. Before I became a mother I had that idea that a baby sleeps a lot during the day and that you can put him in the playpen for a few hours. Nothing of this is true. Being a mom is more than a full time job. As mentioned before O is a very observant baby and wants to be carried around to see as much as possible. Thank God there exists something like a baby carrier. Playing on his own is not really happening yet. What he likes is the baby bouncer. In there I can leave him for the full 15 minutes without complaining.

What I have learned is not to stress. Even not when he doesn’t want to fall asleep, when he doesn’t want to drink from the bottle, when our daily routine is getting into a mess or when I can not finish the household. There is no use in getting stressed because it’s not helping you or the baby. I know it’s easier said than done but I’ve learned (and I’m still learning) to think “so what” and keep focusing on the positive things (like he is eating the pureed baby food very well).

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9 thoughts on “Motherhood thoughts: 5 months

  1. Love it! I relate to so much of it. Definitely the best thing is to learn not to stress. So much easier said than done! My babe had a hard time with the bottle, too. We just continued to offer and try. He eventually took it! Just took awhile 🙂

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