9 simple styling tips for moms

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I have always been a fashion affine person and loved to watch out for the latest trends in clothes, hair and make-up. My husband usually used to role his eyes when I came back from city center with some shopping bags and always asked the same question: `Don´t you have enough in your closet already?` Of course I didn´t.

One thing was pretty clear for me: I didn’t want to become one of those mums that run around all day in their jogging trousers and don´t dare to do their make-up or hair anymore. But once C was born I realized more and more that it is not that easy to keep yourself up to a certain level because you simply have no time and if there is me-time you rather choose to sleep.

The first weeks I mostly chose the same three outfits that were laying in the cupboard the closest to get to. But as time went by I found myself a few fashion pieces that helped to make every outfit look modern and yet practical.

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A leather jacket is a garment that you can wear for years and it will always be up to date. Your outfit can be as boring as hell but put this jacket on and it looks awesome. With a weakness for leather jackets you will find several colors in my closet.

I have various loose fitted basic shirts either in uni or striped. They are super comfortable and in combination with fashion pieces they look either dressed up or dressed down, depending on your choice.

Definitively one of my favorite pieces are my silver Tory Burch ballet flats. I am a huge fan of the brand but this color simply goes with any outfit and any color. Sneakers with zippers, biker boots, ballet flats or any other shoe that is easy to get in and out were perfect when I was not able to bend down anymore with my bump and even now they are easy to put on when C is on my arm.

Momstyle 004 low resAnother item that is really mom friendly is a crossbody bag as it is very practical to have your hands free all the time and all the important stuff is with you. The one I am wearing on the pictures is from Escada and with the silver color it matches perfectly with my flats.

Super stretchy jeans are some of my favorite fashion garments of the last years. They are comfy, practical, look up to date and even if there is still a belly left from the pregnancy, you don´t have to worry if they fit as they adjust to any shape of bump left. This one is from Current Elliott.

I never liked my natural hair color so I was blond for quite a long time. With a baby I didn´t have much time to visit a hairdresser so I decided for an ombré / balayage color. That way it doesn´t matter if you haven’t colored your hair for half a year or even longer.

Dry shampoo, the best invention ever! If there is no time to wash your hair it makes your hair look fresh within minutes and the same time your hair has more grip and the bun stays in shape. A tip of mine is to put it into your hair before going to bed at night, that way you are even quicker in the mornings.

The spiral hair tie is one of the best inventions in terms of hairdos. They make it so much easier to do the mom bun and keep it in shape. They even help to avoid marks in your hair. Therefore I always have one with me.

Mascara is the one make-up piece that I always put on no matter if I use  make-up that day or not. Straight away You have more glow and your eyes look much more awake. I tell you more about my mommy morning make-up routine in one of the next posts.

If you have any other things that you wouldn´t want to miss a second, let us know!!



4 thoughts on “9 simple styling tips for moms

    1. In my opinion it is more than fine to let yourself go a bit. There are more important things to concentrate on but somehow you feel better over all when you like yourself more.


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