Fondant polar bear cake for winter and Christmas time

For me Christmas is all about family, love and food. My parents and parents in law always make quite some afford for a big family dinner before unwrapping presents. Whereas my mom loves to make her shashlik, my mother in law does her famous turkey and I always love some dessert afterwards. As I love doing and decorating cakes I had to try a winter version of a fondant cake. And what would fit more than snowflakes and polar bears?

First of all you need a basic cake (my favorite recipe you can find here) and cover it with buttercream and fondant (here is the tutorial for that step). Apart from buttercream and 1kg white and 1kg blue fondant you need a snowflake cutter (I found mine on Ebay) some wooden tooth picks and a polar bear figure (mine are from the brand Schleich) to put on top.

First I covered the cake with the blue fondant as it presents the sea. Afterwards I rolled the white fondant and cut it in the shape of an egg to represent the snow, the sunny side up. Make sure the “snow” is not too big so that you are still able to see the water. Cover the backside with a bit of water and put it on top. After covering the cake with fondant I did cut out some snowflakes in 3 different sizes, covered them as well with water on the backside and put them randomly on the cake. To pretend some snowflakes falling down to earth I “glued” two snowflakes of the same size against each other with a tooth pick inbetween. Different sizes and lengths make them look more natural. Last but not least I put the baby polar bear right in the middle of the cake and added mama bear next to the cake.

I wish you all a very happy Advent season…


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