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Top Christmas gifts for children & husband

Woohoo, winter is here and Christmas is about to come soon and that means giving presents to your beloved ones around you. I do love the feeling to have found something really great and mostly cannot wait to give them away. As much as giving gifts I often do not really know what to get. For children it is a bit easier but for your husband? We got into the habit of telling each other what we would like and then on top we look for a small surprise for each other. But there it is not so much about money more about the thoughts behind.

Our this year´s top gift is a phone or tablet case from We both have a case  and we simply love them. You can choose out of many designs and even create your own ones. That we you can really personalize them with a photo of your beloved ones or with your name. A good idea for teenager and adults and of course your partner. Other than that they have a lot of really great designs to choose from. If you want to take the chance to get a case for free go over to our Instagram account @mycutiepie_theblog and take part in our giveaway which ends this Sunday. If you are not the lucky winner we are able to offer you a discount until December, 25th, 2016:

20% off with the code:     MYCUTIEPIE20XMAS

I always love to hear about new ideas and lists to get an idea about what to get for every single person. So we asked our favorite Instagram shops what is their favorite piece of their store for children but on top we also wanted to get a sneak about their this year´s present for their husbands. Here we are:


This year I recommend our super cozy and warm Jeansslippers as the perfect gift to put under the Christmastree…they come in all sorts of designs with stars, crosses or grafic prints! You can even order them customized with the little ones Name or Initials on them! And for those of you who are of a leather kind of person we also offer the customized version here too!

As we will be traveling a lot next year and we want to hold on to our memories as much as we can I will gift my boyfriend with the Sony Alpha 6000. It is nice and small and can fit in his backpack while exploring different places.

The pram chain “little star” and the hanger in the same design fit perfectly for underneath the Christmas tree. Something small but also really gorgeaus is the pacifier chain “bubble gum”. For warm ears and a perfect siblings present is the hat “pom pom”. Due to your personal color choice every piece is becoming an unique one. Handmade with 100% cotton.

For the men it should be something personal for sure. For example a beautiful watch with the birth dates of the children engraved. Or a weekend just the two of you. My personal tip is the thermal bath in Vals. Simply stunning. Equipment for his sports or hobby.

Order via Instagram:



My gift tip this year for Christmas is this wonderful set of pacifier chain for a baby and a key hanger for Grandmother/ aunt/ godmother. Definitely my favorite color combination right right now.

And about the topic presents for men: Men are always happy about personal gifts like shared experiences; tip: listen to them! Even men are giving little hints… but mostly without them knowing themselves. (The opposite of us women…)

Order via Instagram.


“Hello Fox”
One out of three funny illustrations that shouldn´t be missin in any children´s nursery! Maybe even a motivation for the little ones to join the series with their own drawing? There are no boundaries set for the fantasies.

My Christmas gift tip for all the moms out there: TIME! Give your beloved ones time. Because there is nothing more important and beautiful than sharing wonderful moments with your beloved ones and thinking back to those memories at any time.


You are still looking for an unique Christmas gift? With one of my cozy and soft headbands your little one is protected from cold and wind and the same time it even does look more than cute wearing it.

My husband isn´t getting anything this year for Christmas, at least that is what he is thinking! Of course I am planning something and it will be a day only for us, without kid and without everyday stress, going for dinner, having a bowling date and enjoy being only the two of us.

This cute set with clouds could be the perfect Christmas present as it can be worn from both genders and on top it can be a nice Christmas or New Year´ Eve outfit. The scarf can be even worn on both sides. Because of the long cuffs on belly and legs these trousers can be worn for a long period, so there can´t be any mistake done in choosing the right size.

A lovely Christmas present for the partner could for example be a high-end travel bag made out of leather. Or maybe a ride in his dream car if he has one. Maybe this an idea for the one or other reader.

Order via Instagram.

If you have something we should definitely put on our gift list let us know. We love hearing new and different ideas as you can never have enough…


7 thoughts on “Top Christmas gifts for children & husband

  1. Great ideas! I love the phone cases. For the first time in years, my hubby and I actually have the same phone, so it would be cool to personalized them.


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