New year’s resolutions

The beginning of a new year is always a good moment to look back at the past year. It’s a moment to be thankful about the beautiful things that happened, a moment to realize how quick another year has gone by and a moment to think about how I would like to do things differently in the next year.
After all this thinking, here is my list of resolutions for 2017.

Eat one fruit a day
Eating more healthy is probably the most obvious resolution that everyone has. Although I could eat fast food every day, I only treat myself with pizza, hotdogs, french fries, burgers… once a month.
Two years ago, eating less meat was one of my good intentions for that year. Because of it I discovered so many tasty recipes and cooking books that I was longing for more.
This year I hope for the same effect by eating more fruits. Vegetables never have been a problem for me but I’m just not a fruit eater. I already started since a few days by mixing a chopped apple through my porridge in the morning.

Be more active
This one is not meant in a “let’s go more to the gym” way, but in a way of “stop wasting time by surfing to long the internet and watching stupid programs on tv”. Afterwards I’m always mad about myself that I didn’t use that time to call a friend, read a book or catch up with some magazines I like.

Finish my to-do lists
I’m a champion in making to-do lists. Every day again. It’s a good thing I’m making those lists otherwise I just forget half of the things I wanted to do that day. But my problem is that my lists are too long and therefore I never can finish them which leads to frustration. So in 2017 I have the intention to make them more realistic by being aware of the available time I have and to set a priority on things I really want to have done that day.

Count my blessings
Due to recent events in my family, I learned to stop taking everything for granted. I have to remind myself of how fortunate I am to have a healthy little boy, a loving husband, the best friends you can wish for, a job I like to do, caring parents…
I realize it’s important to surround yourself with people that brings the best of you, not the ones who take your energy away.
This year I want to look only at the positive things life has to offer and banish all the negative thoughts or anxiety I sometimes have. Life is too precious and truly a gift we have to be grateful for.

What are your new year’s resolutions?


One thought on “New year’s resolutions

  1. These are great resolutions! I especially like the one where you are counting your blessings. I’m trying to do something similar this year by finding something to be thankful for in each day. Such an encouraging post!


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