What to do with a toddler on a rainy day

Our daughter C is a very active child and has never been good in being at home all day long. That´s the reason why I try to be outside as much as possible but there are days where it is not that easy to do so. Especially when it is a rainy or pretty cold day. Of course you can still go outside but time is then limited. And you can kind of guess that these days can be long, very looooong… for days like this I made a little list of activities you can do to keep the children busy.

Indoor playground
I never really liked how those indoor playgrounds look like but nothing beats the fun that kids have being there. You can keep them busy for at least half a day. There is so much to do and see and you can even have food and drinks there. As you can guess loads of families do have the same idea so most probably it is really full but from time to time it is ok.

Play dates
One option which is simple and doesn´t cost anything: meeting up with other children. On rainy days there are other moms which have the same “problem” like you. Most of them are happy enough if they get an invitation to meet up.

Cooking/ baking
One thing that always works with my girl is baking and cooking with her. She loves to watch and  help (the most important part) to make a delicious cake, cookies or meal. I cut and measure the ingredients and she can put it into the bowl. Last but not least watching the cake in the oven and see how it is getting ready.

My girl loves to craft at home and I always try to look for simple things where you don´t have a lot to buy for it. Stamping your own wrapping paper with cork, pens and a piece of paper is only one of many options what to do. Simply ask google and you find thousands of things to do at home

Painting porcelain
We have a studio, called “froh & bunter” close by where you can paint on porcelain. You can either all do it yourself or you have the chance to get already things which are pre-painted in white so that you can start coloring straight away, what is a good idea when you are still having a toddler.

Visit a cafe with playroom
My daughter loves to eat and the more food there is the happier she is. But sitting at the table for a long time isn´t really her thing. Lucky enough we have some cafes here in Munich close by which do have playrooms or do every weekend a family brunch where they create a play corner for kids. The best thing: Parents are happy – kids are happy.

I hope I was able to give you a bit of an idea what to do with your children if the weather isn´t that way you hoped for.



14 thoughts on “What to do with a toddler on a rainy day

  1. Great ideas! My son is finally get old enough to really enjoy doing crafts so that’s been wonderful with this bitter cold weather that we have been having. We do a lot of cooking too. 🙂


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