Books, books, books…

Books, books, books… In the ancient Rome, Cicero already knew: “A room without books is like a body without a soul”.
 You have to admit that nothing is more beautiful and personal than a long wall filled with someones favourite books. My holiday isn’t complete without taking a good book to read with me. And a rainy day is much more enjoyable spending it on the couch loosing yourself in a good book. My parents encouraged me to read a lot by visiting the library once a week.
I’m also curious how little O will grow up in this world filled with computers, smartphones and tablets, because I really want to pass the joy of reading and the love for books to my son.

Needless to say that Doris and I were more than happy when we got an invitation last week for an event to meet some publishers in Munich.
Since I became a mother I discovered a whole new assortment, the mom and children books. There are lots of them with so many different topics and this was also visible at the event: books that guide you through pregnancy, beautifully illustrated children books, craft books, parenting books, cookbooks for mothers with a lack of time…
At the fair the publishers presented their books that will be published in 2017 and we were able to get a sneak peak. In a world full of technology, it was nice to see that there are still many people who are passionate about books.

Here is an overview of the titles that directly caught our eyes and we are looking forward to put our hands on the next months.

The perfect craft book for children on vacation and living in a country were it rains a lot. ISBN 978-3-8310-3276-1
Children books (+8 years) from author and German Youth Literature nominee Ute Krause. ISBN 978-3-570-17442-5 ISBN 978-3-570-17400-5
Say goodbye to chaos with this book full of ideas and tips to decorate even the smallest places in a smart way. ISBN 978-3-8310-3039-2
Only holding this pink book gives you such a joy. A book that offers you the combination of healthy food, relaxing and enjoying life. ISBN 978-3-8811-7994-2
For baking lovers and cake eaters. ISBN 978-3-8811-7128-1
A bundle of short stories from famous and infamous authors about that place were everyone has a special relation with, the garden. ISBN 978-3-8458-1904-4

This post was in collaboration with Ars Edition.


7 thoughts on “Books, books, books…

  1. Wow, you came out of that with a lot of great things. I’m trying to teach my little one that books are one of the greatest gifts we have. I think it’s catching on.


  2. I agree. I’m a minimalist with other things but not with books. This is a random question but did you use fuji mirrorless for these photos? Just wondering bc of the ad on the bottom. I’ve been interested in them..


  3. I can’t possibly pack for a vacation without at least a few books! Our parents always took us on a special trip to the bookstore before a vacation so we could get some new ones. We loved it! I can’t wait to carry on the love of reading with my daughter!


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