Motherhood thoughts: 8 months


This week my baby boy will become eight months old. It’s another good moment to reflect on the last month, just as I did a few times before as. So here are my thoughts about motherhood and my life with an eight months old baby.

The moments I enjoy the most are meeting and getting to know other moms. Due to the fact that I have the privilege of taking one year of maternity leave, I’m meeting up with a lot of moms. Little O loves it when he is with other babies. They aren’t really playing with each other but it is so clear that he enjoys the company of other babies very much. And it’s funny to see how he reacts on other baby’s behavior.
I like these get togethers to exchange experiences and to see that we all deal with the same challenges motherhood brings alone.

The thing I love the most is that he develops more and more into a toddler. Since a few weeks he starts to be more mobile. He doesn’t crawl yet but he rolls over and reaches for everything around him. It is so lovely to watch how little O explores his surroundings and develops his physical skills.
An other nice thing is that he shows more emotions. For example when my husband comes home from work he becomes so enthusiastic that it’s hard to hold him.
Something else I totally love and is on our list with recent developments: little O drinks from the bottle! It goes so well that I decided to stop breastfeeding. Although I’m so grateful that I could breastfeed him so long, the independency now also feels good. It is a welcoming fact that someone else can feed him.

What bothers me the most is that everything goes so quick! I already mentioned it before but sometimes I just can’t believe that my baby boy is already eight months old! I do enjoy and cherish e.v.e.r.y. moment. I just wish from time to time I could hold a bit longer on these moments.

The thing that surprised me the most is the fact that I function very well with only five hours of sleep. For everyone who has a kid the term “short nights” sounds familiar. Some nights are better but for us it’s more a rule than an exception that little O wakes up twice a night. And in the morning he is very alive at 6:30 am.
Every day I tell myself to take a nap during his nap time but that actually happens very rarely. To make a long story short, I don’t sleep that much as I used to do. Besides from the fact that I’m drinking more coffee, I’m feeling really ok.

What I have learned is not to care to much about other peoples opinion and advise. Although they all mean it well, I took it very personal and it sometimes made me doubt myself. Probably this is a typical behavior for a fresh mom since every situation is new and you only want the best for your child. But I have learned that I shouldn’t underestimate the mothers instinct and I know my baby better that everyone else.

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15 thoughts on “Motherhood thoughts: 8 months

  1. Oh man! I remember when our youngest was 8 months. Now he’s 16 months and into everything! Enjoy the time you have with his as a baby because those toddler years will sneak up on you fast!


  2. Happy 8 months! Time really does fly by; but I promise these next few months will be EVEN BETTER than you imagine they can possibly be!


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