6 ways to style biker boots

I love fashion and clothes and love to go shopping and look out for new styles. But as much as I like doing it also have some all time favorites and one of them are biker boots. I have 3 different colors in my cupboard and love wearing them to any occasion.

When I got my first pair I was not sure how to style them so that they look best and not too bulky or rough. Over time I figured more and more styles out and do wear them most of the time. So biker boots became my favorite shoes as you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion.

From office to festival, from winter to summer there are endless option how to combine them. I went for the colors black, grey and cognac as the fitted my wardrobe the best and could do the best combinations. Where the cognac colored ones are from Zara the two other pairs I found at Escada.

One thing that always fits are tight jeans whereas mostly I wear them at a length so that they end within the shoes. But for summers and warm days I also like the combination with shorter ankle free jeans like the white pair you see above. No matter if blazer or leather jacket, dresses or skirts they all go perfectly and with stockings even winter proof.


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