Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is that special day a year where it is all about chocolate, roses and heart shaped cards. I’m always curious how other people celebrate this day dedicated to love. Here are our thoughts and plans for V-Day.

For a very long time valentine’s day was something I refused to celebrate. Not because I had nobody to share this day with, more because I’m of the believe that you should tell your loved one everyday what he means to you and that you love him. February 14th is all about marketing. Until so far my opinion.
This year I changed my point of view. My husband and I started dating almost nine years ago. We are still very much in love but of course the butterflies left us a while ago. It is a natural procedure that happens after being together for quite some time. This is why it is important in longer relationships to keep the love for each other alive. We are both professionally very busy and since the arrival of little O we have less quality time. And that’s why we decided to celebrate valentines day this year.
It will not be that fancy, we will organize a candle light dinner at home from our favourite takeaway. I have in the early afternoon a dentist appointment so I don’t know if I will be able to eat. At least I will enjoy the good bottle of wine and each other company.

I know many couples that are not really into Valentine´s Day and they say you should cherish each other all year long, 24/7. I really do think so too but I also think: Why not pick a few days a year to concentrate on each other as only a couple? We loved to go out for dinners in nice restaurants but now having a daughter we hardly have time for each other. My husband is working long days in his new job and me being busy with C, the weeks and months just fly by. So we made Valentines Day to our routine that we go out for dinner. I am always receiving a huge flower bouquet from him and we open a bottle of champagne followed by a restaurant date. We love sitting together with some nice food and good wine and talk about the past months and what it all brought to us. This is how we celebrate us and our love. No big presents or anything else. Just the 2 of us.
It is hard anyway to not only be parents but also a couple. That way we make sure that we have our date time and tell each other what we love on each other. From time to time we need this little break from our daily every day routines.

And what are your plans for Valentine’s Day?


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