Tricks to get your children´s teeth brushed

Children and teethes are like a never ending story. Starting with teething pain and sleepless nights, brushing teeth and visiting the dentist the first time. Last week when I was at the dentist I asked him a few questions about this topic.

Let me say beforehand: Ask 10 different dentists and you will get 10 different answers. So mine said that there is no need for the 1st visit when they haven´t all their teeth yet. Of course there are exceptions like brown teeth or a false position of the jaw from using the dummy too much. But then he suggested going on a regular base like every 6 months so that the kids get used to see the dentist and remember the good sides of it. So go before there is something serious that needs to be done. He also said, you shouldn´t expect a miracle so it can happen that the doctor doesn´t get to see anything and it doesn´t help if you play dentist at home. So take it all easy. And he mentioned that mostly he is getting to see the teeth once the child feels save and is about to leave the treatment room.

Another big thing is brushing the teeth. One dentist says up from the 1st tooth, mine said when there are about 4-8 teeth. We were pretty lucky with our daughter as brushing teeth was never a big deal (until recently but that is another story) but I heard very different stories. So here are a few tips that might work for you:

  1. Brush your teeth the same time as they do it. That way they see that it is a normal daily doing and that everyone is doing it.
  2. Once a day they are allowed to brush them completely themselves. We did that for a couple of weeks so she had the feeling it is in her hand and in the evenings I brushed her teeth so that they are cleaned properly.
  3. Let them start themselves, even putting toothpaste on and let them put on the toothpaste and brush their teeth. After a little while you simply take over and clean them properly.
  4. Brush their teddy´s teeth. Our daughter took the toothbrush and cleaned her favorite teddy´s teeth. That way she had fun and really everybody had clean teeth.
  5. Choosing their own toothbrush is also helping a lot. In drugstores they have brushes with many different pictures on it. If they choose what they like, it makes life easier.

Some time ago we had a guest post from SagittaMed and she also wrote about brushing teeth, maybe you want to have a look here. Really worth visiting and you can choose between English and German language.

Do you have any tips how to get your toddlers teeth brushed without too much fighting? Then let us hear them!!


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