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About C´s 2nd birthday

So about 2 weeks ago it was already the 2nd birthday of my little girl! Can you imagine? Sometimes when I look at her I don´t know where the time has gone as feeling wise she was my little baby only yesterday.

As her birthday was on a Thursday this year we decided to leave this day only for the three of us and to invite the rest of the family for the following weekend. At C´s creche they have the tradition to celebrate in the mornings with a cake together with the parents. As there was so much to prepare I decided to take this special day off. So we went to the creche and they had prepared a sweet birthday crown and I was part of the breakfast table with all the other sweet kids. After having cake and presents I went home to prepare her birthday table.

My husband left work earlier to go together and pick C up. She was really happy to see the two of us. Once home we changed her into her birthday outfit and went quickly outside to take some photos. The weather was sunny and perfect and she had great fun. Back inside she finally got to open the presents and eating some cake.

This year I decided for a unicorn cake as one of the presents had also something to do with this creature. All in all I wanted to have a light colored theme and I chose for pink, vanilla and gray as the main colors. The decoration for the cake I made already some time before as the flowers need to dry a little bit in order to stay in shape. The Unicorn is from the brand “Schleich”. The pennant chain I did my self and I think it fits perfectly to the theme. As there was quite some buttercream left over from making the cake I decided shortly before to add some cupcakes. To make the look of the table rounded off I decided to add some roses and a tassel garland which I ordered on Ebay. Her bed was full with tulle pompoms which I made the evenings before. Last but not least there was the Lightbox saying: Happy Birthday

Christmas was only about 2 months before and C got so many presents that we decided to give her only a few small presents and she loved all of them. So I got a wooden watch (she wanted to have one since weeks) which shows the time of her birth and matching that one we got her a unicorn necklace. Both we got from a very lovely shop on DaWanda. Present number 3 was a really cute wooden camera with a tint of white which we found on Ebay.

All in all we had a wonderful day and we enjoyed every second of it. That day made us aware again of the fact that we had a healthy, lovely and happy child. Thinking back to my pregnancy it all could have ended differently. But that is a different story…

Wooden jewelry: Edelweiss-Shop
Camera: Ebay
Birthday romper: Frchdchs
Birthday shoes: Converse
Bow: Leni and Me
Recipe cake: Basic cake recipe, Covering with Fondant
DIY cake topper: DIY pennant chain cake topper

-photo credits MyCutiePie, Jochen Paesen


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