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Our first family holiday


Last week we had our first family holiday. Since we welcomed little O into our lives, I was longing for spending time the three of us somewhere under the sun. February seemed a good month for us to do so. O would be almost 9 months at that time and at home it would be cold and rainy. Just perfect to overcome the winter blues.

No sooner said than done we were googling destinations, hotels, child friendly formulas… In the end we decided to go to Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands. It’s funny how opinions change when you have a child, because a few years ago the Canary Islands were never on our “let’s-go-there-for-holidays” list. But now it was a perfect fit. In February they have sunshine, temperatures around 20 degrees, only one hour of time difference and after a 4,5 hours direct flight you are already there.

It may come as no surprise that I was counting down the days of our departure.
Packing has never been my favourite activity and with a baby it’s even a bigger challenge. But hey, we managed. And once we sat in the airplane, which we almost missed (never trust public transport), it was time to destress and to start to enjoy our holiday.

I must say we had a lovely time. O was behaving so well not only on the plane but the entire week. The hotel with their kindly staff and the food were absolutely great. The island surprised us with its beautiful landscapes and even some cultural sites to see, thanks to Lanzarote’s famous architect Manrique. Once you look beyond the cliché retiree island, the place has everything to offer for a family holiday with small children.
Although the weather wasn’t hot, I saw the sun the entire week. I even got freckles!

The hotel we stayed in was Hesperia Lanzarote and I can only recommend it!

Hotel view
View on one of our evening walks
A beautiful roof detail
We did a morning hiking trip


A beach impression

Little O playing in the sand with his socks on (I know)
The amazing landscape at the Timanfaya national park
Every evening we were spoilt with romantic sundowners




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