My spring to-do-list


I have this thing with lists, I have lists for everything: the grocery store, possible meals we could eat the upcoming week, tasks for today… On my computer desk there is a whole collection of “list-papers”.

Last week I spent some quality time in Belgium at my parents place and we had such a lovely weather. On Thursday we even reached 18 degrees! (which is exotic for this time of the year in rainy Belgium.) It was lovely and made me longing for more.
Then it hit me that spring is actually just around the corner (officialy starting next week) and more nice days are ahead of us. Because I was so thrilled about this idea, I automatically started to make a list in my head with things I can’t wait for when the days are getting longer and hotter.

  • This perfect peachy, nude nail polish will so be my color this season.
  • I’m so excited about the fashion trends for this season! This mules and bomber jacket will end for sure in my shopping basket.
  • To have a lot of picnics at the parks in our neighborhood
  • Making a capsule collection out of my wardrobe by donating everything I didn’t wore the last two years.
  • Reorganizing the kitchen: since we moved to our current apartment, the only room we didn’t renovate is the kitchen. It’s something I definitely want to be done this season.
  • Going on hiking trips with little O to explore the beautiful nature of Munich’s countryside.
  • Making frozen yogurt myself.
  • To extend my list (aha an other list) of “Biergarten I have visit in Munich”.
  • Strawberry picking  (Doris got me inspired last year)
  • To let the sunshine into my interior with the help of H&M home (this golden tableware for example!)

What about your Spring-to-do list? I’m curious to know!


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