Catch of the month: March


My catch for this month comes from Dille en Kamille. This original dutch store offers a whole range of products to use at home, the kitchen and the garden. What I like about them so much is the fact that their assortment has a clean and pure look. They use a lot of wood for example. They have a store in Antwerp and every time I am there, I just have to pass by and spend (at least) the next 30 minutes strolling in the shop. Off course there is always some item which joins me to the cash deck. Those who know the store will for sure confirm my enthusiasm.

The last time I was visiting Dille en Kamille I noticed this beautiful backpack. Some months ago I started to look for a nice and still practical solution to take little O’s toys with us when we are traveling or meeting up with friends. This backpack gave me that “aha-I-found-it!” moment. It’s made out of cotton and washable at 40 degrees (always think practical) and it has the clean look I was talking about.

P.S. They also have an online shop for Germany.


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