DIY easter decoration

When spring has officially arrived you know it doesn´t take long anymore until Easter time is there. Easter does mean for us having a big family brunch together with the family with a table full of food. Other than that there should also be some Easter decoration but I am not a big fan of too much in the apartment. So I always try to keep it simple.

This year I had the idea of a really simple do it yourself and you really don´t need much for it. I call them the giraffe / leopard patterned eggs.

You need

  • brown and white blown-out eggs (per decorated egg: 1 brown and 1 white one)
  • glue
  • tweezers (optional)

For a white egg with brown patter you leave the white one as it is and break the brown one into small pieces of different sizes. Next step you attach piece by piece with the glue to the white egg. You can do that either with your fingers or use tweezers for more accuracy. The pattern itself you can vary as you want to: Complete egg or only half of it. Put the fragments close to each other and fade them out as you bit by bit smaller pieces and leave more space in between. Of course you can always dye the eggs before to get a more colorful decoration but I liked the simplicity of this version. Let your creativity guide you. Happy Easter holidays!


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