Schultüte, a nice German school tradition


Lately, during my daily hour of internet surfing, I came across an article that considers how to parent like a German. I always found it interesting how other nations approach parenting and teaching. For me, born and raised in Belgium, but living as a fresh mom in Germany, this topic gets even more attention. Because I must say, there are some parenting habits and uses that are new to me.
One of them is the concept of the “Schultüte” (translated in english as Schoolbag). On their first day of school, German children take a big paper bag in the form of a giant candy bag with them. Parents and grandparents fill the bag with sweets and treats, to ease the pain that the summer holidays are over and a new school year will start.
I am not familiar with this old tradition myself and although I still have to wait a few years, I already look forward when our little boy will make his first school appearance.

A few weeks ago we got in contact with a family business named Der kleine Knick who makes the most amazing Schultüte (think dinosaurs and unicorns). For those who like DIY-projects but somehow don’t have the talent for it (talking about myself), you can super easily craft the paper Schultüte together with a maximum result. I had the chance to test the T-rex. What I totally liked (next to the print, which is just awesome) is the fact that you can reuse the Schultüte as a toy or a wall trophy instead of just throwing it away.

IMG_8231 2

IMG_8247 2IMG_8292

Do you also like them? You can order the package online and get them in your mailbox only a few days later.

This post was in collaboration with Der kleine Knick


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