Motherhood thoughts: 10 months


Today my baby turned ten months. It is bizarre to realize that almost one year has gone by. Last weekend we were outside at the playground and I saw a few pregnant women. They reminded me of myself exactly one year ago. I had only a few weeks left until my due date and I was so excited to finally meet him. Now almost one year later, I can say it has been a beautiful and incredible journey full with moments I will treasure the rest of my life. I can’t wait for this adventure to continue.

The moment I enjoy the most is in the morning when he is singing and making some noises in his bed to get our intention, totally impatient to start the day. He is such a morning person, which I’m totally not. But just because of his super good mood, I can (almost) wake up without my usual coffee.

The thing I love the most is how he crawls around. Since a few weeks he made himself familiar with this way of moving and he is a unstoppable ever since. Everywhere I go, he follows me. It’s so unbelievable cute to hear his little hands on the floor when he is on the way to discover another room. He became more then ever a little explorer.

What bothers me the most is that I’m getting so emotional regarding little O’s speed of development. Sometimes I have the impression that it all goes too quick for me. It feels like yesterday when he was lying in his cod watching the mobile and now he pulls himself up, almost ready to walk. When I go through my pictures from the early days, it is so difficult to control my tears.

The thing that surprised me the most is how patient I became. Being impatient was always one of my personality traits I truly had to work on. Without any effort I have no problem that it takes one hour before little O finishes his meal.

What I have learned is that expensive and beautiful toys are totally overrated. I used to buy him cute, wooden cars or rattles but after he plays twice with it, the interest is gone. Kitchenware, magazines and socks are so much more appealing. No drawer or shelf is safe in the house.

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