Kids brand to know: vonJula

vonjula-2When I joined Instagram about 1,5 years ago with our blog I did not really know what this digital world is all about. From meeting new friends which only live around the corner to get to know new small brands and shops – there is really a lot to discover.

One really lovely brand I got to know is vonJula. The owner Jule is 27 years old, mom of one very cute daughter and is living on a small farm, close to Frankfurt am Main. She started sewing when she got a sewing machine from her mom for passing bachelor thesis (which has btw nothing in common with sewing: BWL).
For those who are wondering why her label is called vonJula while she is called Jule, here is the explanation: Her husband had the idea to put the first two letter of her first and second name together – vonJu(lia)La(ng). Which I think is a really cool idea.

vonJULA in our cupboard

What I do love about her clothes is the simplicity of the cuts which get their personality by the fabric she is using. Most of the fabric´s colors and patterns are unisex and not too girly or boyish. The only exception is a wonderful flower pattern and some pieces in a light pink – and I have to say I am really happy about this fact (if you know me and my daughter you might have recognized our love to pink and flowers). Those clothes are also beautiful to mix&match them as you want to.

My personal shop favorites

On you find dresses, headbands, pullovers, leggings, jackets/coats, scarfs, hats, sweatpants and blankets. And the best thing: a lot of those pieces are available in the pattern of your choice. So I got this rally cute dress with the flower pattern and the matching headband. One of Jule´s favorites are the leggings by the way. The reason? Throughout the big choice of colors and patterns they can be easily combined with other clothes, they are comfortable and the small ones always look nicely dressed.

And a really important point is the fact that those pieces are more than comfortable, so perfect for playing and running around. Be sure to check out her online shop or Instagram @vonjula to get one of those cute pieces (available up to a size 116)!!!

-photo credits My Cutie Pie, vonJula


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