My favorite family hot spots in Munich

I am living in Munich now since about 8 years. Coming from the countryside I had to get used to a few things but I quickly adapted. Now I cannot imagine moving out again as I love this city so much. It was already perfect without children as we had everything close by. Shops, restaurants and bars, everything is in walking distance or maximum 3 stops away by underground. In summer time you can go and lay by the riverside or at the English Garden and in wintertime you are so close by the mountains for skiing.

When having a baby or a toddler I got to know my hometown from a different point of view. The going out times at night are gone but now I got to discover the city by daytime. Now again I simply love the fact that I can reach everything by foot with the pram. If you are ever visiting Munich or are going to move here I want to let you know my personal hot spots that are perfect to do and visit with children.

Playgrounds/ Cafés

  • The Jewish Centrum at Sankt-Jakobs-Platz 18 has a really simple but beautiful playground. Next to it is a little café that makes it perfect to drink a coffee and watch your children play. It is a bit hidden and as the square is pretty big and not too crowded you don´t have to run after them straight away.
  • Another great playground is at Röcklplatz. I have to admit on certain times it is pretty full but what makes it so great is the icecream-café Italia in Ehrengutstraße 23. It is exactly opposite the playground and they allow you to take drinks with you what is simply amazing.
  • Not far from the Jewish Centrum is the pastry ´Wir machen Cupcakes´. All the different cupcakes, cake pops and cookies are simply stunning and taste wonderful. Go and visit their café at Utzschneiderstrasse 12 or order online here.


  • If you are a fan of light box, tipi and co you have to visit ´Zuckerschnuerl´in Auenstrasse 29 or shop online here. They are not only having children´s stuff but also for moms. So really worth a visit.
  • Another great shop with kid´s clothes, shoes and toys is ´Chi-Ka´ in Müllerstrasse 1. I found the cutest lunchboxes there for C and the best thing, you can also order online here.
  • Last but not least ´Auryn´. This cute shop is in Reichenbachstrasse 35 and I got my favorite swaddle blankets from there. Even they have an online shop here.
  • Jewelberry is super cute jewelry shop next to “Wir machen Cupcakes”. They have super fine necklaces, bracelets and much more. The clue is the little jewelry box outside were you can put some coins in and you get a bracelet out. Visit their website here.

The best thing is that all those places are in walking distance from each other (about 30-45 minutes depending on how quick or slow you walk) so if you want to visit 2 or more on one day no problem. Just walk from place to place and discover beautiful Munich. What are your favorite hot spots in your hometown?


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