DIY toddler project: wrapping paper

Every mom knows that there are days which seem to be endless and at some point you don´t know anymore what to do next to entertain the kids. I also have from time to time those days and on one of those days I came up with the idea to create a little piece of art which can also be used as wrapping paper.

What you need:

  • Watercolors or Stabilo “woody 3 in 1”
  • Wine cork (or any other stamp or what can be used as such)
  • White pieces of paper (optionally any other color)
  • A bit of water

We have got the pencils from Stabilo at home and drew with it on a piece of paper. Then C took the cork and dipped it in a small bowl of water and put it on the piece of color on the paper. When there is enough color on the cork you simply have to stamp on a another piece of paper. What colors and stamps you use is up to you.

After letting it dry it is ready and either you frame it and hang it in the nursery or use it as a wrapping paper. C loved to do it and have great fun…

We love using the “woody 3 in 1” as you can use it as normal pencils and you can draw on glass or paper. You can also use it as wax crayon or like in this case as water colors. And the best thing: It is easy to wash out of the clothes again!!


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