My top 6 toys for kids

I guess like almost every mom I was struggling a lot how many toys we should buy for our sweet daughter and also which toys. I was never a big fan of having too much stuff lying around at home as we experienced that mostly C was interested in her toys for only a short amount of time. Now that she is a toddler there are a few toys that she is pointing out as her favorites and that she is using on a regular base.

With this post I want to show you my top list of toys that are really getting used on a regular based and were definitely a good move to buy them.

Wooden pram
The stroller we got when C was almost 15 months old and wasn´t keen yet on walking properly as she found her own way in moving: On her knees and she was quick like hell. C´s doctor pointed out that we should maybe get one of those so she is getting animated to stand upright to move it around. It only took 2 more weeks and she was walking properly and up to now she is sitting her teddies in there to move them around.

Wooden coffee set and cake stand
We got this set from a cousin of Jochen and C really loves them. It happens so often that she is sitting down, pouring some coffee or tea and is serving it to us with a piece of cake. Watching her doing that is simply amazing and definitely one of the best presents we got.

Walking butterfly
The wooden butterfly on a walking stick was part of a set we were able to test from “Meine Spielzeugkiste” and she loved it straight away so that we even took the chance and bought it straight away. She loves going for a walk with her little pet or is giving it to me

Music table
The small table with loads of buttons to push on was a gift from a good friend of mine as her daughter was to old to use it. C really loves to get it out and listen to all the the different music it is playing when pushing the buttons. But what she loves the most is the bit where it explains the dog and the cat.

Pull-along sausage dog
C has three of those pull-along animals: One we bought for her, another one we got as a gift and the third one we got used from a friend. The used one happened to be the colorful sausage dog and C loves him. She is going for a walk with him in the whole apartment.

Lego baby
The first time C was playing with the Lego Baby was when we where at Zuckertag and she liked it straight away as it is much easier to attach and detach than the normal Lego bricks. Then I heard from a mom that you hardly find them anymore so I made my way through some flee markets and in the end I found two sets that I bought and put together. Those Lego Baby bricks were the first toys she really played with and she still does even though she is already pretty good in playing with the “real” Lego.

If you have any other toy your toddler cannot live without let me know. I am always open for new ideas for my girl!!!


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