Flower bouquet subscription with `My Bloomy Days`

One of the things that I love about blogging is the fact to get to know new brands and business ideas. When I got contacted via Instagram if I would be interested in collaborating with my My Bloomy Days I was totally into it. I really do love having fresh flowers in the house but I don´t manage to get some on a regular base.

In this case I got 2 times flowers sent home and I simply have to get surprised by what they will send me. Normally you go online and you order your flowers in a few simple steps. Apart from the subscription you can also choose for a single bouquet. If you go for a subscription you first have to choose if you like to receive flowers with long or short peduncles or a mix of both. Step two you decide if you want your flowers weekly, every second or forth week. Last but not least you can choose between an extra like a vase, chocolate or something else.

The price without the little extra is €19,90 (If you buy only 1 bouquet it start from €29,90 on.) per bouquet, which I think is a reasonable price. Especially when you would go to a florist and what is easier than getting things delivered to you home?! And not to forget that you can choose the date of delivery yourself.

I got my flowers on a Friday lunch time in a big box. When I opened the box the bouquet was in a Bloomy Bag (as the call it) where they make sure that they do get enough water. On top they were fixed to the box with a cable tie to make sure they don´t get damaged. There also some helpful instructions in the box how to handle the flowers and how often you need to change water. You also find also some beautiful cards with information for every type of flower you are receiving. They are so pretty that you really want to keep them.

All in all my bouquets looked still pretty after roughly a week but I had to thin it out after a few days but that also depends on which type of flowers you get. So if you like fresh flowers but you are not in the mood to buy them every time at the florist it is for sure a good option. And if you are thinking now about trying My Bloomy Days yourself then I have here something for you:

A code for 20% discount on your order (valid until May, 21st):


If you used my code, let us know if you like the delivery and the flowers and don´t hesitate to tag us on Instagram. I am really looking forward to hear your opinions.


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