Pregnancy No. 2 update: First trimester

Babybelly Portugal 6

When Jochen and I met we quickly talked about children. In my opinion 2 were more than enough and he always said he wanted at least 2 children. When the years past by I also was more than sure that it should be 2 to make our family complete. When I then got pregnant with C things turned a bit around for me. In week 24 I ended up in hospital with being close to loose my little baby. You can read up the details soon. End result: The chance that it happens again was at least double. Luckily it all went right and we were able to hold a healthy little girl in our hands. Another thing was that in the beginning C was not the easiest of babies to handle (details here).

All those struggles made me stop thinking about a sibling for the moment but as nature is and time went by I forgot about the hard moments. Other than that is C today a happy little sunshine and brings so much joy to our lives. The only thing I told myself: I don´t want them being too close together in age, about 3 years in between would be perfect for us. We started with the plans for a new family member once little C was 1 year and 9 months old. Surprisingly enough I got pregnant straight away but I recognized quick enough that something was not quite right. With the positive test I also had some blood loss. The doctor confirmed what I thought: Pregnant but the pregnancy hormone was not high enough, most probably a tubal pregnancy. Lucky enough nature did its work and my body recovered without any problems or operation.

After 1 month of break in between we tried it again and wow, I was straight away pregnant again. I couldn´t believe it when I saw the 2 pink lines, especially as I had a tiny bit of blood loss again about 8-10 days after ovulation but it was true. My husband and I were over the moon but the same time we calmed ourselves down as we all know, the first 12 weeks are the most risky ones. Thinking back about pregnancy number 1 and the early miscarriage I didn´t want to be happy too early.

With the positive test the typical sickness came with it. In the beginning it was the same level as the pregnancy from almost 3 years ago, the sickness came in waves during the day and eating a small snack helped to get rid of it. But I have to admit it became heavier with the weeks and made me feel uncomfortable. But I was happy for every day I had it as it showed me the baby was doing fine. The only really annoying thing was the fact that I had to throw up a few times and once even at work. I guess you understand that this was not the nicest of moments. With Nausema pills and a Sea band I got that under control and with the start of the 12th week it was almost gone. Downside of the sickness was that I gained already 3kg in the first 8 weeks (and still counting) as the only thing that really seemed to help was: Food. But hey I can always get rid of it again once I gave birth.

What was different was the the heavy back ache in the lower back. Of course I was straight away afraid that it could be an early sign of another miscarriage but when I saw the little baby with the size of a few millimeters and the heartbeat I knew everything was alright. What was also pretty hard the first 8-9 weeks was the tiredness. Every day I a came home from work I tried to sleep for another hour before picking C up from creche. Otherwise it was almost not doable to make it until the evening.

We rounded the first Trimester off with a nice family holiday in Portugal where I was able to enjoy the sun and the babysit help from my parents in law so that I was able to rest and of course shop a bit. I ended up with 3 dresses from a really nice shop at the shopping center in Vilamoura which I hope will bring me through the summer with a baby bump. And we even had the chance to take some of my first baby belly photos of this pregnancy.

Stay tuned for more updates of my second pregnancy.

-photo credits Jochen Paesen Photography


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