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Gender reveal {cake idea and including recipe}


When I got told in the first pregnancy about 3 years ago what gender our baby will have I ran to my husband and told him straight away the news. We were so overwhelmed about knowing it will be a girl. Somehow that was always what I had in my mind. Back at that time I always had to tell my hubby straight away about things and results without making too much afford. While this time I kept things a few days for myself and looked out for special ways to tell him about being pregnant or if we will have a boy or a girl. In this case I so wanted to bake a cake where in the inside the color reveals what gender the baby in my belly will have.

I love to how rose swirl cakes look like and they are actually so easy to make (see description and links to previous posts below). So when I came back home after the gynecologist appointment I had 2 hours in total to make this cake and I would say it turned out pretty well. When he was on his way home I told him on the phone that there is a cake waiting to be cut and he straight away knew what that meant. Once home he was pretty excited (and so was I) and so he and our lovely daughter did cut the cake together and what more should I say:

It is a boy!

As you can imagine he was over the moon to know that our second child will be a boy. How cute will that be having both, a girl and a boy?!

And as I do love baking this cake I have here a quick description including links to older posts how to make a gender reveal cake (or for any other occasion like birthday, baptism, and so on).

Quick guide steps:

I love this kind of cake and I already made it for several occasions. One of them was in pink for C´s birthday cake smash photo shoot. I only did the cake in pink on the outside instead of the yellowish color the buttercream normally has.