My Cutie Pie

My mom´s marble cake recipe


As you know I do love baking every kind of pastry you can imagine and so does my mom. Every time we visit her she is making a cake or tart for us where we get half of it as a doggy bag. So I guess I have the passion from her.
All her creations are delicious but what I am always falling for is this simple marble cake.

Ingredients (apart from the baking mold)

First step is to whisk the butter until it is creamy; then put bit by bit sugar, vanilla sugar and eggs to it. Once this is a nice mixture add baking powder, flower and milk but be careful with the milk so that the dough has a thick consistency.

Spread the extra butter in the baking mold and cover it with the bread crumbs it helps afterwards to get the cake out more easy.Take now about half of the dough and add the cacao and extra milk and mix it together. Put now one after the other the light and dark dough in the baking mold and go with a fork through it so that the typical marble pattern is formed. Leave the cake in the preheated oven at 180 Grad Celsius for about 40 minutes.

My mum normally simply puts some powder sugar over it but if you are in the mood for a more modern version use for example icing and sprinkles. Enjoy…