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Only a few weeks ago our eye got caught on Zola – a special website for weddings.

To get a feeling of what they are doing the easiest way is to visit their website, but I will give you some hints of what and why you have to know this pretty site, too.

It is the perfect thing to manage your wedding. You can tell them what and how you want it and they will put your ideas together!

Claudia – Now I’m a little bit upset that my wedding is already over, but nevertheless it was the greatest day in my life (beside Sofia’s birth).

In august we are three years married and I don’t regret a single second.

Our wedding was managed and planned all by ourselves and our families, but I think for the presents it would have been perfect to have a help like Zola, to choose our presents on our own.

Some of my favorite wedding presents we got and we gave away were a book full of stories, words and photos from our families collected by my sister in law. The balloons with wishes from all of our family and friends and the car – okay that was the favorite present of my husband, I think.

I’m a fan of DIY- things like homemade jam or oil, or anything else made with love by yourself.

I think, although it is impersonal, you can give away money or a gift coupon in a self-made, nice and stylish packaging.

Here are some of my shop favorites you can perfectly combine with some DIY- stuff!

A photo book is always a good idea to keep your favorite memories for a lifetime, a calendar with beautiful photos too. The glasses and the barrel drink dispenser is perfect for homemade lemonade or something self made to drink. A very special gift is a balloon trip or a fund for the honeymoon.

Doris – This year September it will be already 5 years of marriage with my husband. I cannot believe how quick time goes by and I do love looking through the wedding photos. Thanks to our lovely photographers Mon et Mine we do have really great memories to look at still years later.

I really loved planning and organizing the wedding even though it was quite stressful at some times but in the end we got it all how we wanted it. One of the to-do-´s on my list was the present for my bridesmaids. I was spending quite some time with research what I could give them and after  a long time I bought each of them a pair of pearl earrings. I really liked what I ended up with especially as they both wore them straight away on my wedding day. But somehow I would have been more happy if I would have had more ideas to choose from.

In my opinion in Germany you always end up at the same 3 websites with more or less the same gift ideas which are not exactly what I was looking for. When we discovered Zola I really liked their website with all their gift ideas and if you would ask me, a lot of them are also pretty as birthday presents and not only for weddings.

Here are some of my shop favorites as a bridesmaids gifts

 -photo credits My Cutie Pie, Monet et MineZola


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