Pregnancy No. 2 update: Second trimester

With pregnancy week 27 the second trimester has finished already. While the first trimester went by without any big troubles or issues apart from morning sickness there was a lot more happening in the second one. There were good and less good moments. How my first trimester felt like you can read in my previous post here.

Apart from the tiredness all the other aches and pains were gone which I was pretty happy about. The first weeks of this trimester I almost felt like non-pregnant and I enjoyed the time at home. Because of my troubles in the last pregnancy my gynecologist gave me straight away a prohibition of employment from week 13 on. Straight after we had to make a hard decision: Having a cerclage (what a cerclage is I will explain more in an other post) done in order to a cervical incompetence or not. The risk of a premature birth didn´t make it easy for us but in the end we decided for it and all went right. The good memory of this time: I started feeling our baby boy´s kicks already that was about 2 months earlier than I felt C.

One not so nice thing for sure was the weight gain as most of you moms and moms to be might know as well. Stuff that most probably would have still fit about the belly because of a loose fit but it was too tight about my chest but also upper arms. I know that this is definitely not on of the most important things of pregnancy but sometimes a tiny bit of frustrating. But hey, I lost all of it (and even more) after pregnancy number 1 so it will the same now.

Something that really bothered me the most was that in week 20 I started having contractions of the uterus which I also had 3 years ago and it didn´t end that well. Luckily I am getting checked by the gynecologist every 2 weeks and up to now it didn´t have any impact on the cervix which I hope stays like that. But this trimester I started being worried much more where as the months before I was pretty relaxed and sure that it will all be fine.

Anyway that is enough of complaining as there were also enough positive things, especially our weekend trip to Come to have some couple time. I did enjoy that so much and it was really relaxing. That was also the weekend where the baby belly photos you see above were made from my lovely husband. And last but not least we booked our holiday for the end of August: Tuscany and the last time only the 3 of us. Cannot wait to go and relax by the pool.

-photo credits Jochen Paesen Artwork & Photography-



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