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Recipe – Wintry Christmas cake with snowflakes


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The year has passed by pretty quick and winter has arrived. With winter time Christmas is also coming and I love sitting in my warm and cozy home with a cup of coffee and some cake while weather is getting cold outside. Therefore I made a perfect cake for the coldest season of the year: A buttercream cake with coconut and fondant snowflakes.

What you need

Once you baked the cake you can fill it either with jam of your choice or some buttercream. To give it a bit more wintry taste use something with berries, cinnamon or glogg.

Add then the first layer of buttercream, it can be really thin as it is only meant to fix the crumbs to the cake. By they way: That is how a “Naked Cake” (also really pretty) looks like and you could use that one actually already and put some decoration on there. Next layer of buttercream can be a lot thicker and is meant to really cover the cake. Depending on how you like it you can leave it that way or smoothen the surface a bit more like I did. The steps are much easier if you cool the cake inbetween those steps for about 10 minutes in the fridge.

Take now the rasped coconut and add it to the top and the sides. I put a lot of rasps on the bottom of the side and on top. The upper side I used less as I wanted to make sure that the snowflakes stick and don´t fall off.

Use the fondant and the fondant cutter to cut the snowflakes which you use for decoration. The good thing about fondant is that you can prepare the decoration already the days before as they are eatable for a very long time thanks to the sugar. Last but not least you can add some Raffaelos (look like snow balls) and silver sugar pearls to add a bit more sparkle.

An other idea would be to leave the coconut rasps away and cover the whole cake with snowflakes (pay attention that you need then more fondant than in the recipe). Enjoy the cake, I hope you like it…


Das Jahr ist mal wieder so schnell vergangen und der Winter ist schon da. Mit dem Winter kommt natürlich auch die Weihnachtszeit und ich liebe es dann in meinem warmen, gemütlichen Zuhause zu sein mit einer Tasse Kaffee und Kuchen während es draußen kalt wird. Für dies kälteste Jahreszeit habe ich einen perfekten Kuchen gebacken: Einen Buttercreamkuchen mit Kokosnuss und Schneeflocken aus Fondant.

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